Hare and Moon is a mental health & well-being business specifically focussed on the needs of entrepreneurs.

We provide mindfulness, hypnotherapy and counselling workshops.

We are a collective of professional coaches and advisers based in London and Oxford.

We help entrepreneurs achieve optimum performance by reducing the impact of stress (we can’t take the stress away but we can help you manage it better).

The moongazing hare is part of folklore in many countries and has come to symbolise new beginnings, fertility and prosperity. In many countries the hare is believed to be seeking wisdom from the moon, while the moon shines passively down.


Hare and Moon helps entrepreneurs manage the everyday stresses and strains of starting, building and exiting a business.

Stress has a profound affect on our bodies and our minds. And entrepreneurs have chosen a role which comes loaded with stress.

By learning to recognise and manage their stress levels, Entrepreneurs can maintain a very high standard of focus, efficiency, productivity and decision making.

Stress impacts our bodies and immune systems in ways that accumulate over time – just like a toxin.

The antidote is found in a variety of ways. We focus on education, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and Counselling.



You can reach Stuart Hillston here:

Email: info@hareandmoon.com

Call: 0798 557 3172